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Strategy Document - 2024


The strategy document outlines the high-level aspirations and objectives for Wade Digital LLC, providing a level of abstraction that can guide our actions and initiatives for the next year. This strategic plan is designed to be longer-lived and provide just enough requirements to narrow down the possibilities of what could be built, resulting in a cohesive and impactful direction for the organization.

Strategic Vision

Our strategic vision is to position Wade Digital LLC as an innovative leader in the digital landscape, leveraging advanced technology and community engagement to drive sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Core Strategy Pillars

The strategy is built upon the following core pillars:

  1. Foundation for Innovation: Establish a solid foundation for innovation and growth by nurturing a community-driven ecosystem and empowering our teams to explore and implement cutting-edge solutions.

  2. Community Engagement and Content Creation: Engage and cultivate our community by leveraging technology to facilitate meaningful interactions and valuable content creation that reflects our development processes, AI tools, and industry insights.

  3. Integration of AI Tools for Automation: Develop and integrate AI-driven tools and solutions to enhance operational efficiency, streamline processes, and support our mission to revolutionize digital experiences.

  4. Business Expansion and Acquisition Strategy: Explore the potential for strategic business acquisitions that align with our core competencies and visionary goals, ensuring sustainable scalability and diversification.

  5. Financial Stability and Team Empowerment: Continuously assess financial requirements and opportunities while empowering and expanding our talented team to meet the evolving needs of our projects and initiatives.

Execution Timeline

The strategic plan is designed to guide our actions over the next year. However, it remains flexible to adapt to market dynamics and emerging opportunities. The timeline includes the following key milestones and initiatives:

  • Q1 2024: Complete Discord Bot development by month-end as an immediate goal and potential demo for the #VACOTechSprint VACO Tech project. Commence the evaluation of Discord monetization options.
  • Q2 2024: Launch Project AFGE with the development of AI tools to assist in union leadership and rank-and-file support. Explore opportunities for LCSW training and supervision AI tools.
  • Throughout 2024: Engage the community with regular content production, quarterly events, and strategic team expansion as projects grow and require more hands-on work.

Monitoring and Adaptation

The strategy's success will be monitored through key performance metrics, market feedback, and the impact on operational efficiency and growth. Regular reviews and adaptations will ensure that the strategy remains relevant and effective throughout the year.

Performance Metrics and KPIs

To measure the success of our strategic objectives, we will utilize the following key performance metrics and KPIs across different areas:

  1. Software Development Milestones:

    • Time-to-market
    • Bug/Error Rate
    • User Adoption
  2. Community Building Efforts:

    • Community Engagement
    • Event Participation
    • Member Satisfaction
  3. Integration of AI Tools for Automation:

    • Efficiency Gains
    • Accuracy and Performance
    • User Feedback

These metrics will provide valuable insights into the progress and impact of our initiatives, facilitating data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

This strategy document encapsulates our core strategic objectives, reflecting the level of abstraction required to guide our actions and initiatives for the next year.